My Gear

Those early 70s glam rock guitar sounds of Mick Ronson, Fripp, Phil Manzanera and Marc Bolan get my attention, but i also use modern effects such as glitch, bit crunchers, adrenalinn seq rhythm filters and particle granular delays etc.
Love delay too- nothing like those old dub records or even a bit o goth echo like the band Bahaus for inspiration! Also dig the Hindi slide of Vishwa Bhatt. Throw that in with some psychedelia …and thats where my heads at.

Main amp squeeze is an Egnater m4. Modules are Vampower, Egnater5,Salv Hiwatt, Orange OD120 ,Supro and EGDDeluxe.
Kemper clones my Marshall 200 watt Marshall Major pig and Vampower amps as well as HH amps and different Fender Deluxes.
Pedals- DAM Mk1 fuzz serial 001, DAM Holy Roller, DAM Buzzaround (David Main you are the true fuzz god), Hexy Revolver, Eventide H9, Montreal Assembly Count to Five and the incredible Electro Harmonix Micro synth. RED PANDA  !!!  X big thankyou. I'm utterly addicted to the Red PandaTensor and Particle 2 pedals.
Computer wise- MainStage runs -Guitar rig, Andrenalinn and S Gear .
Guitars-les pauls, tele hybrid .

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