I'm a guitarist and songwriter. I've played for people like Grace Jones, Oasis (Who Put The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders? Goal Soundtrack) Damo Suzuki (Can), Snog, Moogy (Brian Jonestown Massacre),The Boredoms, The Promiseland, Jane Badler and for Thai acts like the Outsiders and Smile Buffalo. I'm inspired by 70s glam rock, Kraut Rock and Electronica. I love organic sounds but and I also enjoy demolishing them! 
​My agenda is bouncing my guitar off lyrics. In fact, lyrics dictate where my guitar wants to go. JJ



Recorded over two years and 6 lockdowns. in Melbourne !

A deep dive into the early 1970s Trident studios sound and the techniques and gear used by Trident studios to record the greats Bowie/Spiders, T.REX, Queen,Lou Reed etc

Also a homage to Mick Ronson and Marc Bolan .

First song to be released early April 2022.

Album to follow not longer after.

Moogy and the Promiseland ! 

LATEST NEWS MARCH 2019. I'm currently playing with Moogy from the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Shes an great artist with a psy vibe. Check out her video "chocolate" on you tube.

Promiseland. (NYC)

Just played all the guitar to "late night shuffle" also on youtube. Ched Faker also contributed to this amazing track.

From Cult records:

"Promiseland is your imaginary friend come to life, uncontrollable like Pan's shadow... but with a heart of napalm. 

The Australian born musician came to New York City for the first time in 2014 and immediately trashed his return ticket. Hitting the streets, he became infamous for busting all expectations, and some ribs, in his chaotic live performances. Eventually finding a home at the notorious Alphabet City den of iniquity "Elvis Guesthouse", Promiseland gained a rabid fan base. His music, a collision of punk vocals and heavy beats, makes you feel like you came to the right party. All this commotion caught the attention of Julian Casablancas, who quickly signed him to his Cult Records label, and dubbed him "The Future Prince of Anarchy".

My Gear 

Those early 70s glam rock guitar sounds of Mick Ronson, Fripp, Phil Manzanera and Marc Bolan get my attention, but i also use modern effects such as glitch, bit crunchers, adrenalinn seq rhythm filters and particle granular delays etc.
Love delay too- nothing like those old dub records or even a bit o goth echo like the band Bahaus for inspiration! Also dig the Hindi slide of Vishwa Bhatt. Throw that in with some psychedelia …and thats where my heads at.

Main amp squeeze is an Egnater m4. Modules are Vampower, Egnater5,Salv Hiwatt, Orange OD120 ,Supro and EGDDeluxe.
Kemper clones my Marshall 200 watt Marshall Major pig and Vampower amps as well as HH amps and different Fender Deluxes.
Pedals- DAM Mk1 fuzz serial 001, DAM Holy Roller, DAM Buzzaround (David Main you are the true fuzz god), Hexy Revolver, Eventide H9, Montreal Assembly Count to Five and the incredible Electro Harmonix Micro synth. RED PANDA  !!!  X big thankyou. I'm utterly addicted to the Red PandaTensor and Particle 2 pedals.
Computer wise- MainStage runs -Guitar rig, Andrenalinn and S Gear .
Guitars-les pauls, tele hybrid .

Album-"The only way out is in" buy below

The Only Way Out Is In


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A concept album about the consequences of dragging a broken heart across the globe.

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